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BLL Application: Adara Kenna by Minnow-to-the-moon BLL Application: Adara Kenna by Minnow-to-the-moon
Name: Adara ("Beauty") Kenna ("Born of Fire")

Gender: Female/Molly/She-cat/Whatever floats your boat.

Age: 2 1/2 years

Rank: Encanta Enchanter Performer

Description: Adara is a thin and lithe she-cat. Her main pelt color is a pale, smokey gray. Darker and lighter patches cover the rest of her fur, like a calico's. Her most noticeable patches are on her face and ears, covering her more visible eye, and making her ears two different colors. A thick part of hair fur covers a large portion of her left eye and seems to curl up at the end. She is short furred, and one of her most notable features is her thin and feathery tail. It is long and patched, and she takes most pride in it as well. Her eyes are a delicate powdered blue, which accent her pelt well. She is generally short in height, but with longer legs. Her Heart Stone is diamond shaped, and purple for her Enchanter color. It is set in a collar that seems a bit too big for her, and falls around her neck just above her shoulders. Two small red charms are embedded alongside her Heart Stone, enhancing her fire powers. Her normal demeanor comes off flirtatiously. Her tattoo adorns her left flank, somewhere supposedly in the middle.

[Flirtatious] [Seductive] [Quick-Thinking] [Skilled] [Patient] [Passionate] [Drama Queen] [Dependent] [Kind] [Proud] [Insecure]

[Flirtatious] Every tom in sight has most likely been flirted with by Adara. She has no intention of settling certain 'feelings' in a tom, but cannot help it if she does. She does, however, intend to, what she calls, 'hook up' with every tom in sight. After all, there's no better way to relieve stress than flirting with toms.

[Seductive] Basically, with as many toms she has flirted with, she has also attempted to 'hook up' with. She has succeeded with quite a few, but still needs to perfect this skill. Adara also seems to have a factor about her that make toms drool. She can thank her natural prettiness AND her Enchanter powers for this.

[Quick-Thinking] While Adara is a smooth talker, sometimes even the best of the best slip up, or have to improvise. Adara has adapted herself for this, being able to conjure up the most intricate and detailed lies in the matter of seconds, and make them absolutely believable. It has become a skill she is proud of, and doesn't share her secret with anyone. Sadly, this can get her into some trouble at times, when she cannot prove this to be true.

[Skilled] The Enchanter prides herself on her ability to keep herself looking good, and her ability to perform. She has spent day after day practicing her dance routine, to which she is close to perfecting. She still needs a bit more practice, but the skill is definitely there, along with her ability to sense someone's feelings for her. (Or so she thinks.)

[Patient] When it comes to most things, Adara is typically impatient. However, when it comes to toms, Adara can wait as long as a year, even if it kills her a little on the inside. She doesn't care, she would do almost anything to have another tom under her belt.

[Passionate] One of Adara's more positive traits is that she is passionate about what she does. She loves everything about herself, which may come off as vain and proud, but no matter. She thinks that what she does is perfect for herself, and no one else, besides Rosa. She also has a habit to have a bit of a fit of happiness about couples, romance, and her own job.

[Drama Queen] Basically, if there's a fight, Adara will be in the middle of it. She wants all the attention, and tends to somehow become in the center of all the action. She also tends to put up quite the act, and tries to steal all the attention away from someone, even if their relatives just died.

[Dependent] Adara can put up many acts to get a tom, but one she doesn't need to pretend is the needy role. She basically doesn't want to have to lift a paw, and having a nice, strong tom to protect her makes it all the better. She is weak after all, and it doesn't bother her one bit. Even more of a reason to have as many toms under her belt as possible. If one threatens her, she's got backup.

[Kind] Underneath all of the fake stuff and the lies, Adara really is a kind cat. She hates to see someone get beat up, and doesn't believe in fighting, since she's not good at it anyway. She has her moments of acting like any other cat, and has quite a soft-spot for romance and kits like a normal she-cat. The performer does have a caring nature, even if it's buried under it all.

[Proud] All in all, Adara can be summed up in one word: proud. The Enchanter prides herself on many things; her looks, her abilities, and more. This is one of her major downfalls. One way to get on Adara's bad side, (which is hard if you're a tom,) is to hurt her pride. If you embarrass her in any way, consider yourself dead to her.

[Insecure] A side that no one, even Adara herself, knows is that she is insecure, way, deep down. She puts up an act to keep her pride up, but sometimes, when she can't sleep, or is alone, she often thinks to herself about why toms choose her, and only for her looks. She really doesn't believe of herself as pretty, and only acts like it. But once more, even Adara herself doesn't understand these thoughts, and only thinks of her going crazy.

Kin: Considers Rosa her 'sister.'

Brief backstory: Born into the Encanta Kingdom, Adara was born with the ability of an Enchanter. This made her be a bit spoiled from her family, which had all been Warriors. She was considered 'special' in their eyes, which was a bad thing for the rest of the Kingdom. Many believe if Adara was not spoiled as a young child, she would not be the way she was now. "Beauty," like all kits, was born with the good in her. Unfortunately, with the way she was reared, the good was pushed down.
Adara's parents named her "Beauty" right off the bat, since she was the only one in her litter, as well as the only kit her mother would ever have. Her mother and father were both older in age when she was born, letting her only know them for a certain amount of time. In that amount of time, her parents made her believe that she was better than every other cat, made her believe she was special. Since the family had been gifted with fire powers for many generations now, Adara was exceptionally gifted in this area. Her parents trained her with these powers from an early age, and her mother passed on a few techniques she knew, installing a few skills in the kit.
When time came for Adara to pick a job, she had blossomed into a beautiful young she-cat. Her parents have noticed this, and becoming a their older age, demanded she not become a Guardian like them. Adara was a bit depressed at this, but also a bit relieved, since she knew she would still be waited on hand and foot. As her parents discussed professions, the she-cat began to dance. She would sway around elegantly, and catch the eye of her Councillor. Suddenly, bursts of fire began erupting around, and began to flow around her in rhythm, as if she was controlling it. Her parents were overjoyed by the reaction of the Councillor, and the thrill that Adara's ability created. So they finally settled on a job: performer. And thus Adara's fire-dancing was born.
Being gifted with the Trapping Fire ability was rare, but Adara didn't care. She often abused her ability, and became a bit weaker to this, causing her not to grow as much. However, as reckless as the Enchanter was, she became immersed in her job. Even with winter nearing, she still practiced in the cold snow. During this time, a disease struck the Kingdom of Encanta, slaying her weak parents. She was so depressed, she almost gave up fire-dancing.
Rosa appeared out of no-where, and talked her out of it. Rosa, like herself, was a fire-dancer, and had become as diligent and professional as Adara. The Enchanter would never forget the day that Rosa came into her life, and would always feel like she owed something to her. The beauty considered the other Enchanter a sister to her, and ended up calling her just that. Both of them were close, almost inseparable, just like real sisters.

-Trapping Fire: Adara has taken plenty of time to master this skill, and even so, she still messes up once in a while. She uses it for performances with her sister, causing the fire to bob and weave around them. This may also explain why some parts of her fur MAY be a bit darker than others...
[Will be updated]


-Most she-cats (sees them as competition)
-Doing things herself


:bulletwhite: - Acquaintance
:bulletblack: - Respect
:bulletblue: - Friend
:bulletgreen: - Good Friend
:bulletyellow: - Crush
:bulletpink: - Love
:bulletred: - Hate/Discomfort
:bulletorange: - Victim of Seduction
:bulletpurple: - Family

..::::::::::::::::::ENCANTA KINGDOM::::::::::::::::::..

:bulletpurple:/:bulletgreen:/:bulletred: - Rosa
:bulletpurple: Rosa is a she-cat whom I consider my sister. We do performances together, and act just like siblings. We refer to each other as such and...well..we do have our disagreements.
:bulletgreen: I may even consider Rosa my best friend. We tell each other things that not even sisters share. I mean, well, I just...I don't know how to explain it!
:bulletred: Discomfort Well, you see, something happened. I didn't even REALIZE it until after. Well I fell into a river and a nice tom named Aquilo saved me. Little did I know that Rosa had already decided upon practically LOVING this tom...and well...she saw him warming me up with his nice tail. *purrs* Gosh that tail is so warm, just like a blank- Wait, where was I? Oh yeah. After that, something happened and well uh, Aquilo rejected her. So I guess there's a bit of...discomfort around her.

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblack: - Aquilo
:bulletwhite: Since I met this tom, well, I guess I consider him my friend. He was nice and sweet, and boy is he handsome! He's also an Enchanter too. Oh gosh his tail, it's so warm! I don't really know how to explain it...he's perfect!
:bulletblack: He happened to rescue me from the river. It's not much, but he did haul me out and warm me up. He practically put me back to sleep! Did I mention how warm his tail was? It's like a fluffy blanket. *purrs* Gosh, maybe I should fall into the river more often!

:bulletwhite: - Icarus
:bulletwhite: Haha, this tom is priceless! He acts just like a kit, which increases his cute factor by about 10x! I mean, of course, Aquilo surpasses him in looks and personality, but this tom is so cute that he just makes you laugh. I've only met him a few times, but I already know he won't understand me. So what's the point in furthering this relationship?

..::::::::::::::::::GALIAN KINGDOM::::::::::::::::::..


..::::::::::::::::::FAEIR KINGDOM::::::::::::::::::..


Role-play Example: A gray she-cat laid beside the river, flopped onto her side. Patched fur was dappled with moonlight filtering through from the leaves above, making her fur glow. Her powder blue eyes were dull and bland as she trailed a paw in the rushing water. A melody played across her muzzle as she hummed lightly, moving her paw up and down the water, swirling it. Adara's Heart Stone glimmered in the faint light, casting silverish-purple rays onto the ground and liquid. The Enchanter sighed, and stared up at the stars. Sometimes she wished she wasn't just entertainment. Sometimes, she even wished she'd been born a Warrior like the rest of her family. Sometimes, she wished she actually had a purpose in the Kingdom. A purpose to serve a Councillor, a purpose...a purpose to live. The thought struck her really hard. Adara never thought about killing herself. She never wanted to! But she felt the way she did; useless. Like she meant nothing. And she hadn't met any decent toms recently, either. None of them had fallen for her advances...not at all. Maybe she'd have to show her softer side...? Never! I have renounced that side... her thoughts once more pounded in her head. Moaning, she flipped over onto her back and stared up at the stars once again.

:iconby-lanterns-light: (c) ~WarriorRainyDay
Art & design (c) ~Minnow-to-the-moon
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