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BLL Application: Miles Solum by Minnow-to-the-moon BLL Application: Miles Solum by Minnow-to-the-moon
Name: Miles ("Warrior") Solum ("Earth")

Gender: Male/Tom

Age: 3 years

Rank: Encanta Warrior Guardian

Description: Miles is a dusty, ginger colored tom with sky blue eyes. A darker mask covers the top of his face, with a bit of a flare of his original fur color above the bridge of his muzzle. The mask continues over his head and down his back, forming a thin stripe. His entire tail, or what's left of it, is the same dark ginger. Stockings up to the bends in his legs are all of the same color. His entire ears are of this as well. A ginger a bit brighter than his base fur adorns the tips of his tail fluff, and ears. The paw of the leg with his Heart Stone on it is of this color. Thick stripes from his eyes down to his cheek fluff and eye spots are also of this bright ginger. His Heart Stone case is of a silver color so it is not mistaken with his golden Heart Stone. A piece of metal is molded around the soul so it holds it in place. This strip is adorned with spikes, as well as ends of the case. His Heart Stone is shaped like an upside down teardrop, and of a golden color, representing his power. His tattoo also adorns the shoulder of his Heart Stone, right at the very top. He has spiky fur, and a normal build. His fur is also medium size in length. A single scar is slashed across his tattoo, marking his crime.

[Shy] [Gentleman] [Curious] [Adamant] [Polite] [Casanova] [Loud] [Thoughtful] [Intelligent]

[Shy] Basically, Miles is a little...anti-social shall we call it? He keeps his distance from most cats, but sadly, his awkwardness around cats doesn't help his personality in general. Being quite the gentleman and the curiosity tends to draw him to cats, mainly she-cats in general. He finds them a bit intriguing. The poor tom, so socially awkward.

[Gentleman] While still socially awkward, Miles tends to have a bit of flair to him where he believes that she-cats must always be treated kindly. He doesn't care whether he has a mate or not; he will always be kind to the females no matter the circumstance or personality. This may come off to some as flirting, but he finds this as part of his job.

[Curious] Another downfall to being shy, this tom asks a lot of questions. He wants to know exactly what's going on at all times. He tends to be a bit curious for his own good, but this keeps him updated on stuff. He feels it another responsibility of the job to be completely updated on everything, even about gossip and scandals, such as who's who's mate and such.

[Adamant] Miles is a firm believer of his own opinion, and is not easily swayed. The only time he may cooperate is when a she-cat persuades him to do so. He has many strange thoughts that not many agree with, and one way to win him over is by doing the one thing many others have not: agree with him. Agree with Miles, and you're set for life. Never on his bad list. Ever. End of story.

[Polite] The Warrior is exceptionally polite around those higher ranked than him, or, she-cats. This trait ties in with his gentleman trait, but however, this one makes him seem a bit cocky at times. Some may also say he's a bit sarcastic when he compliments you, but all it is is just genuine politeness.

[Casanova] Without even attempting it, Miles can get most she-cats whether he wants to or not. It's from his kind and polite nature, and has a habit to treat she-cats like they want to be treated. He practically does this without even knowing he does it, which makes it all the worse for him.

[Loud] When you get to know Miles, he can come off being very reckless, silly, and most definitely loud. He can tend to ramble on about useless stuff that can also be way off topic from the previous matter. Miles knows that he can be loud and somewhat annoying, so he often apologizes for it after he's done rambling. Never before or halfway through, always after. He wants to finish a thought rather than leave someone hanging.

[Thoughtful] Miles often likes to think things through, and never wants to rush head first into something. He rarely never thinks of every single action. He even thinks about when he chews as well. He also puts a lot of thought into his words, and often comes off sounding older than he really is.

[Intelligent] Miles is all in all an intelligent cat. He comes up with logical solutions to many of things, but has a problem with being creative. He can only think logically, which does help him in battle, but not as much as imagination could. He uses his intelligence to his advantage, and even knows he is smart. He may brag about it every once in a while, but never means to.

Kin: Mother: Arianna (Deceased) Father: Luto (Deceased)
Lux: Brother, assumed to be dead.
Venus: Sister, murdered.

Brief backstory: Miles was the oldest in a litter of 3, and one of two boys. His sister, named Venus, and himself were very close, almost inseparable. His brother, named Lux, became very jealous and never socialized with his two siblings.
As young kits, Miles was easily favored, for he was the eldest and the wisest of the litter. He got everything he wanted, and she-cats seemed to follow him. Despite all of this, Miles was still a respectable young cat. Lux was extremely jealous, and became quite anti-social from his family and the entire kingdom.
Lux and Miles were both born as Warriors, but their sister, Venus, was an Enchanter. Because of this, Lux and Miles both trained to be a Guardian, but Venus became a Hunter-Gatherer. They lived on their lives, and every day Lux became more jealous of both Venus and Miles.
One day, on their last day of training, they were sent out with each other to go for their final test. Miles went off with Venus, with Lux following close behind. About halfway through, Lux ambushed them and killed Venus, right in front of Miles. Miles, in spite and rage, attacked his own brother. Their forces were equally matched, and both were severely wounded; Miles had lost his tail in the fight, for it never to grow back again. Lux, knowing that he couldn't face the kingdom or his parents, fled the kingdom, and never returned.
Knowing that no matter how jealous his brother was, Miles had to uphold his brother's honor, and took the blame for killing his sister and chasing his brother from the kingdoms.
His mother and father at first didn't believe it, but after much convincing, Miles led them otherwise. His parents began shunning him, as well as the rest of the kingdom. This led Miles to become anti-social, and he hid his personality deep down. However, he was not banished from the kingdom for being truthful, and was confined to camp and kit duties for a year. He also made sure everyone was well fed and taken care of. If anyone complained, his sentence was lengthened even more. His tattoo was slashed, leaving a permanent scar to adorn his shoulder. Miles soon completed this ordeal, and went on living his life as a guardian.

-Levitation: Miles mastered this ability from an early age, charming many she-cats and others. The biggest item he can life is probably a rock the size of all his four paws combined. He rarely drops an item, but is obviously easily tired after lifting about 3 things.
[Will be updated]

-Being right
-Being agreed with
-Knowing what's going on
-Being alone

-Being wrong
-Not knowing what's going on
-Toms that flirt with Rosa


:bulletwhite: - Acquaintance
:bulletblack: - Respect
:bulletblue: - Friend
:bulletgreen: - Good Friend
:bulletyellow: - Crush
:bulletpink: - Love
:bulletred: - Hate/Discomfort
:bulletpurple: - Family

..::::::::::::::::::ENCANTA KINGDOM::::::::::::::::::..

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue:/:bulletgreen:/:bulletyellow:/:bulletpink: - Rosa
:bulletwhite: I met this she-cat the other day, and she seems fairly nice. I hope I get to talk to her more! c: I also gave her a white flower. She seemed pretty happy about that.
:bulletblue: I was fairly surprised and excited to see that she kept that flower. It's perched behind her ear. It seems that she adores it greatly. We talked more, and I seem to find myself thinking about her more and more. After all, she is pretty nice.
:bulletgreen: Once more, I found the she-cat with the flower behind her ear. It makes me tingle all over and...makes me feel happy. I haven't really felt that emotion in a long time. It's...nice.
:bulletyellow: ...I...I kissed her. I didn't know what to do and happened! ...twice. I can't help it. She's so pretty, and kind, and she even agreed with one of my theories! I swear...but she doesn't really feel ready enough to accept me yet. She says she's hurt and been hurt so...I guess I have to wait.
:bulletpink: Mates! I...I love Rosa. She's my mate...and I'm happy. We're both happy. I protected her from a storm, and I...I told her I loved her, and she said it back to me. I didn't know what to do. I kinda...freaked out? Heh...but then I found her talking to this Galian tom named Dathan. I...I felt jealousy. The jealousy was so bad that I poured my feelings out to Rosa. And she accepted them. And then...I asked her to be my mate. And she said yes.

..::::::::::::::::::GALIAN KINGDOM::::::::::::::::::..


..::::::::::::::::::FAEIR KINGDOM::::::::::::::::::..


Role-play Example: [To Be Updated]

:iconby-lanterns-light: & ref sheet (c) ~WarriorRainyDay
Art & design (c) ~Minnow-to-the-moon
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Minnow-to-the-moon Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you, I took a lot of time on him. <3

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WarriorRainyDay Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Looks good however I need you to correct one thing.

If Miles claimed her had murdered another cat then he would have had his kingdom crest slashed one to mark the crime after being brought to a High Council meeting. Other then that I'll add him right away. ^^
Minnow-to-the-moon Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student Writer
Yeah, I didn't know where I was going with his story. >.<'

I'll update that. XD
WarriorRainyDay Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Its ok. Besides it reminded me I need to add a crime and punishment section to the information section. Its amazing how easily that slipped my mind. ^^'
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